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HELLLOOOOO Newgrounds!

2011-12-23 15:30:39 by DECA-FADE

DECA-FADE reporting for duty!

Ive been behind a keyboard almost right out of the womb, and i can assure anyone visiting i know good games when i see them.

Just wanted to say hello to the world of newgrounds and pay a little homage to Tom Fulp for creating such a internet mecca. The only thing missing are massive pilgrimages, but who needs em?! this place is huge anyway.

I doubt ill ever learn the kind of skills to make my own flash, but im sure i can lend others a helping hand by being critical about their work. I dont mean to be cocky at all. But i want to give my opinion and what i think would make a fantastic game even better.

I also enjoy it whenever i get feedback from authors, it lets me know they're listening!



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