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My Outpost:Haven Experience!

2012-01-04 17:26:01 by DECA-FADE

Outpost: Haven was such a great game that I thought I would put up a post of my own completely about it. I did a review on the AWESOME game and I wouldn't change a thing about that review. To those of you who cant find it here is a LINK to the page of Outpost: Haven's reviews that it is currently contained in. Hopefully a change in the page number in the future does not ruin the link. If it does, my review is the 34th review of the game. ((NOT from the most RECENT review but from the OLDEST one. It is 3 pages away from the final page of reviews for those who dont like having to hunt it down.))

It's a true honor that I was among the first 35 people to review the game. A game that fresh from the drawing board that turns out SO well done DESERVES the score I gave Outpost: Haven, and a standing ovation on top of that.

What really makes this game good is that it really CAN scare you at times. My heart had skipped a beat or two while I was on the third level for the first time (And probably NEVER again X.x). As I type this post out I have yet to complete the final mission of that game, and I can tell you, it is freaking hell. Not only do you have to go around that level with no way of knowing where you are, but you also have to make do with not being able to know what lies ahead. It makes you think that there could be another boss right around the corner just waiting to eat your face off. ._.

Probably one of the most terrifying enemies in that game is not the boss on the fourth level, (I just found that a little disgusting, not that scary at all.) but instead a type of enemy you first run into on the second level, apparently now you newgrounders know what im talking about. YES, that one! The first time I went into the 7th level I was running down a hallway when one of those things came out of nowhere screetching. I nearly jumped out and over the chair I was sitting in as I just turned around and blasted the bug to bits. Thank god for that pulse rifle, that ol' reliable is the best all-round weapon in the game, HANDS DOWN. The only problem is the pulse rifle can guzzle ammo if you're not too careful.

Now the question arises, "What could possibly make the next Outpost even better?", good question, lets look at what Squize (Hope I spelled that right.) can do from here...

- The arsenal of weapons COULD be expanded, I mentioned that in my review of the game. A grenade launcher (with a delayed detonation of course.). An assault rifle or a shotgun that uses rounds that can bounce off walls (Say, one, two, or even three times, at maximum.). Perhaps even a beam weapon or, if Squize felt fit to put one in, some type of melee weapon, I also thought the Vulcan was just a TAD underpowerd for it to have to spin up in order to fire, I have only killed 1 alien with it before I decided to save it for the bigger foes, such as the boss on level 4, Vulcans are meant for massive hordes of enemies charging at you from one direction, not if they're coming at you from all directions at speed.

- A definite improvement I can see, which I didnt mention in my review, is an expanded array of equipment. Such as deployable mines (which last about a minute or two before automatically detonating like an RPG shot from the Haven installment) , Battery powered point defense turrets (again deployable, lasting perhaps 2 to 4 minutes), and dummy soldiers. (Think im joking there? I played a game where that actually came in extreme handy, it was called MDK. and you know what else is not funny? It was published by the same group that also participated in publishing the oh so popular FALLOUT series. (The name of the company is INTERPLAY, if you're wondering)

I just HAD to do pay tribute to Outpost:Haven on a post. Hope you don't mind Squize!


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2012-01-04 17:37:53

I enjoyed playing the demo, i haven't got to the actual game yet

DECA-FADE responds:

MDK or Fallout? I mentioned two major games in this post...


2012-01-14 22:24:21

Wow. Loved your review, and loved reading this too.
We were really happy with the turrets you can hack to your advantage on level 6, it was a real last minute idea from Lux ( The artist ) and we were both surprised by how good it worked, so more of that will be in the sequel ( I'm thinking a buyable sentry gun that you can position and it'll just shoot away until empty, just like a certain film ;) ).

More weapons, customisable armour and hopefully emergent gameplay are all things we're really keen to add to the sequel. Also more and better set pieces, now the initial surprises are done, we're really going to have to raise our game to make people jump again.

Thanks again mate.

DECA-FADE responds:

WOAH! wasn't expecting the mighty creator HIMSELF to read this! Dude this is a TRUE honor!

And sounds like a plan man! Hope you manage to cram all of that in there! The customizeable armor part sounds pretty neat too.

I really think a Dummy would also be a neat addition to your sequel, hope this in depth review helped!