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Possible game concept: Omni-Genre Game?

2012-01-07 16:41:56 by DECA-FADE

After thinking last night, an idea popped in my head...

What if you took a great game from several MAJOR genres (obviously excluding adult games, DUH) on newgrounds, and slammed them together into a single game?

Or think of it this way in a math kind of manner...

Outpost: Haven + Crush the Castle + DN8 + Sonny = ???*
*NOTE: This is just an EXAMPLE!

I'll have more details about the idea later. Feel free to share this with everyone you know on Newgrounds!


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2012-01-07 17:48:44

It's interesting,but some idea's might oppose each other.
Have you dabbled with programming and such?

DECA-FADE responds:

Again, this is just an idea, i really have no intention of making a game like this.... It's just a thought i would like people to consider.


2012-01-18 01:26:07

Why you come to my cave and steal my bear rug?

DECA-FADE responds:

What bear rug? :P