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Chip off the new block #1: "Outpost 2" (Original by Squize)

2012-02-02 21:24:26 by DECA-FADE

I have been thinking so much about games that I have finally decided to start a whole entire post series on it. "Chip off the new block" will be a news series entirely on the topic incoming game sequels. Specifically what can be re-vamped from previous installments, new content, and even go as far as a slight alteration in the next game's format.

Now, as you can see from the title, Squize's 'Outpost' gets the honor of having the very first "Chip off the new block" news post.

I won't be leaking what I have heard Squize has already considered adding into Outpost 2. So instead I will be throwing out a few things.

The first and most brilliant idea i schemed up with is something to do with the character's armor. If you have read my previous news entry regarding 'Outpost: Haven', You may remember that Squize actually replied to it and mentioned something about armor. Well what if you made the armor the platform from which you can upgrade things?

This idea came from a game I happen to own, which also won the "Game of the year" award back in 2005. If you have no idea what im talking about, the game is called 'Supreme Commander', and it revolutionized strategy games.

But that is not where much of the idea came from... That game's sequel, 'Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance' litterally blew the original out of the water, and won the best of E3 for 2007.

The main unit in that game, called an Armored Command Unit (or ACU for short) was able to upgrade itself. The UEF (United Earth Federation ((Basically us in the 30th century)).) ACU was able to be fitted with a tactical missile launcher in the original, but then also able to be fitted with an Advanced tactical missile launcher in Forged Alliance, that acted like a mini-nuke.

An upgrade system like the ones used in the first two Supreme Commander games (There IS a Supreme Commander 2, but they literally threw everything that made the preceding two so great out, which made it somewhat sucky.) would be a very in-depth and creative system to implement into Outpost 2. The most fun upgrade of all? A FREAKIN' MICROWAVE LASER!!!!! >:D

Other things include an RPG & Shooter platform in the game, a good example of this is The last stand: Union city. To me TLS: Union city was an excellent game. Perhaps some of it's gameplay style could be applied to outpost 2?

Thats all im telling newgrounds, the rest is for me and Squize to know and for you guys (Maybe) to find out!


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2012-02-14 12:17:01

Love it ( Sorry about the late reply mate, the redesign caught me out, and I've been busy as hell on the next instalment ( Not O2, a spin off )).

How about Outpost:Tactics, a turn based squad game ?

DECA-FADE responds:

That may be a pretty good idea Squize, If you want to try it out, go right on ahead, sorry for the EXTREMELY late reply, buddy.